Plaxo Toolbar

Plaxo Toolbar

Keep your address book and more synchronized


  • Synchronizes automatically
  • Works discreetly and quickly


  • Not many configuration options about how you'd like to sync


Plaxo for Mac allows you to synchronize your existing Plaxo Address Book (assuming you have one of course!) to your Apple Address Book.

By installing the toolbar, you can be sure that your address book will be consistently updated automatically. In addition, you'll be able to access your Plaxo Address Book on the web through Plaxo Online. Once you've downloaded it, double click on the disk image icon and the Plaxo for Mac installation file will appear. Simply double click on "Install Plaxo for Mac" icon and you're taken through the very simple setup process.

Once installed, Plaxo Toolbar inserts a synchronization icon in your toolbar which will illuminate when it's in action. No further action is needed on your part. The actual interface to Plaxo Online is attractive although it appears to be a complete rip off of Facebook. At least they've gone for the old Facebook look which is easy to navigate and displays everything from your address book to your contacts.

Plaxo Toolbar is a great add-on for any Plaxo fan - just install it and let it do the synchronizing while you get on with more important things like updating your contacts and calendar.

Plaxo Toolbar


Plaxo Toolbar

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